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Venus transits the sun on June 8, 2004, as seen from Montauk Point, NY (in h-alpha)

A spectacular image of the beginning of the Venus transit, by Isaac Kikawada:

Awesome Mars video - August 10 2003 from Glacier Point

An image I took of the November 15th, 1999 Transit of Mercury:

Images I took of the recent double transit of Jupiter's moons Io & Ganymede!

Here are some images I took of the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse.

The Peninsula Astronomical Society

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Here are some images I hope you will enjoy...

A beautiful sunset from Palo Alto Foothills Park, Saturday, September 18th, 1999.

Setting up the incredible AstroPhysics Starfire 180EDT at Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park.

An image of Jupiter (and Io) taken from Glacier Point on September 5, 1999:

An image of the Moon taken from Palo Alto Foothills Park on July 24, 1999:

The new solar telescope set up for public viewing at Glacier Point on July 10, 1999:

A spectacular solar prominence taken with the above telescope.